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Juls Readings



I've been receiving psychic readings from Juls for over 20 years. I continue to come back because her clear-seeing and insight have been instrumental on my path of spiritual awakening. She is masterful at illuminating the specific challenges I am confronting at the spirit level, clearing any stuck energy that is holding me back, and providing a perspective that has led to many "aha" moments of clarity and empowerment. Her warm, accepting, and down-to-Earth presence always makes me feel safe and at ease. I cannot recommend Juls psychic services enough for you and everyone you know and love!

Collette S., Educator/Environmental 

​Juls is the real deal. She is a truly gifted reader. I have worked with her for a number of years and unfailingly leave my sessions in greater alignment with heart, purpose, and clarity. She has the capacity to see and work with subtle energies, ancestral lineage, and provides wise perspective on the present moment. She has been a huge gift in helping me move more fully from a place of inner knowing and integration. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Kirsten R., Educator

Juls has helped me liberate myself from frustrating negative patterns in my health and relationships again and again over the last seven years. I wholeheartedly recommend her for helping people to get unstuck in their lives. I have recommended Juls to dozens of friends because I wholeheartedly believe in her ability to help people get unstuck in their lives. She has repeatedly helped liberate me from frustrating negative patterns over the last seven years, from health and relationship issues to career changes.

Tera K., Artist


By paying/scheduling a reading you are agreeing and acknowledging that Juls is not a legal medical practitioner, psychological or financial expert and cannot give any legal, medical, counseling, or financial advice. Jul’s services are not to be used in place of professional, medical, financial, or legal counseling. The information imparted during consultations is open to your own interpretation. Clients are advised that they have free will to make their own choices. Juls Good is not responsible for decisions or choices you make as a result of this service.  

All sessions are for adults 18 years or older.

'For entertainment purposes only'